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'Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.' Rumi

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Frangipani House - House Sits

We discovered that we love house sitting. We love home, yet we love travel, and we adore animals especially dogs. So we've combined all our loves and that is what we do. We travel and stay in beautiful homes, and mind wonderful pets, house sitting for other people, while they travel.

House Sitting- What is house sitting?
House sitting is when you ask someone to stay in your home, to live while you are away.

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Why engage a house sitter?
There are varied reasons why people engage house sitters, from having the security of knowing that someone will be there to occupy the house, to taking care of the everyday tasks a home needs, to caring for pets.

As house sitters we offer to give your home all the tender loving care that it needs everyday. We offer to...

  • water and talk to the pot plants
  • tend the garden
  • collect the mail
  • do basic pool care
  • mind your pet with love and care
  • take pets for their walkies & chat to them

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